Head, Neck, and Back Injuries

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Getting the Damages and Justice You Deserve

In a matter of seconds, an accident can happen and change your life forever. When such serious accidents result in head, neck, and/or back injuries, people can be left with irreversible physical damage.

When negligence causes these injuries, our personal injury attorneys will pursue all available legal remedies to help victims maximize their financial recovery. This can, in turn, result in profound emotional impacts, as well as financial stress, especially for those who need expensive medical treatments and are not able to work or earn a living.

At Ryan R. Cox & Associates, LLC, our lawyers are dedicated to helping people who have suffered head, neck, and/or back injuries obtain compensation and justice when these injuries have been caused by others’ negligence. Skilled at aggressively advocating our clients’ rights in any legal setting, our attorneys will put their experience, insight, and resources to work helping injured people:

  • Hold negligent parties accountable
  • Stand up to insurance companies (if or when necessary)
  • Maximize their financial recovery so they can focus on their future

Common Causes Of Head, Neck, And Back injuries

A variety of events or accidents can cause people to sustain head, neck, and/or back injuries. When negligence is a factor, however, some of the most common causes of these injuries include:

Financial Recovery For Head, Neck And Back Injuries

When the negligent or careless actions of others have caused head, neck, or back injuries, compensation for these injuries will generally be based on the nature and severity of the injury (among other things). Typically, financial recoveries for these types of personal injuries can include (but may not be limited to) damages for victims’:

  • Hospital bills
  • Future treatment needs
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost earnings
  • Impacted quality of life
  • Emotional distress

Get The Legal Counsel You Require

If you or someone you love has suffered a head, neck, or back injury due to someone else’s negligence, it is time to contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Ryan R. Cox & Associates, LLC. Ready to provide you with support and zealous legal advocacy, our lawyers have a record of success when it comes to helping injured people maximize their financial recovery. This means that you can count on us to:

  • Expertly handle every aspect of your case
  • Provide you with personalized legal service and the highest quality representation at no upfront cost
  • Do what it takes to get you the best possible results from your case

You can find out more about your legal rights and what we can do to help you by contacting us today to schedule a free, no obligations initial consultation with one of our lawyers. To set up this consultation, call our firm at 636-946-6886.