ATV Accidents

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More than 500 riders are killed in ATV accidents each year, and an estimated 500,000 are hospitalized with injuries. The government believes the actual number of fatality victims is much higher: 780 in 2008 and 857 in 2007.

St. Louis ATV accident attorney Ryan R. Cox and the staff at our law offices know that all-terrain vehicles are often used in farming and in the construction industry, as well as for recreational purposes.

Common causes of ATV accidents include rollover accidents, driving too fast for conditions, poorly maintained or defective equipment, improperly riding double, riding on inappropriate terrain, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Drivers are too often blamed for accidents, even when the circumstances were outside their control. Dangerous or defective equipment, passengers getting injured through no fault of their own, and accidents on someone else’s property are commonplace.

Facts & Laws About ATVs

How can you avoid ATV accidents? Learning about essential facts and Missouri laws related to ATVs is a great way to inform yourself on how to stay safe:

  • Riding on streets is generally illegal
  • About 20% of all reported ATV injuries and fatalities are under the age of 16
  • To legally operate an ATV, the driver must be 16 years of age or older
  • In the past decade, ATV incidents involving kids have risen 24%
  • Riding in waterways not on your property is illegal
  • Riders are forbidden from operating in a careless manner or under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Riders are generally prohibited from carrying passengers
  • Riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet

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If, however, an accident does occur, you need to know who you can call to get the best possible legal representation for a personal injury claim. For those in and around the St. Louis, Missouri, region, that means contacting attorney Ryan R. Cox through email or by calling 636-946-6886.

ATV accidents can be complex cases that can involve premise liability and defective product litigation. Consulting with a St. Louis personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney who is experienced in handling ATV accident claims in Missouri is a critical first step toward protecting your rights.