What Should I Do If I Am Hurt In An Accident

A Guide for the Immediate Aftermath of an Accident

Do not sign anything without consulting with an attorney. Do not attempt to negotiate with an insurance company, whether your own or the other party’s, without consulting with an attorney. Do not give a statement without consulting with an attorney. Do not downplay your injuries before you know their full extent. The severity of your injuries is not always immediately apparent.

How Are My Medical Bills Paid?

Payment of medical bills is your responsibility. By law, we are not allowed to pay your medical bills for you. Your health care providers and health insurance company may have a “lien” on your file, seeking reimbursement of at least a portion of these medical costs at the conclusion of your case. When there is a valid lien, or if your health insurance company has a valid subrogation interest, by law that lien must be paid from the proceeds you receive at the conclusion of your case. However, upon obtaining a settlement or judgment, we may be able to negotiate with these providers to get their liens reduced so that you receive more money.

Why shouldn’t I deal with insurance companies on my own?

Please see “What You Need to Know About Insurance Companies

When Should I Call a Lawyer?

Your first priority should always be receiving appropriate medical treatment. After this, it’s never too soon to contact an attorney. You must keep in mind that your case has a statute of limitations, or a time period within which you must file suit in court or be forever barred from any recovery. Even if you are well within the limitations period, timely legal advice can be critical.