Your Personal Injury Rights

We Know Your Rights, and We Fight For Them

What is a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases arise from any situation where you are injured due to some other person’s or entity’s negligence. Most personal injury cases arise from car accidents, slip-and-fall accidefadents, motorcycle accidents and workplace accidents. Whatever the facts or circumstances of your injury, Mr. Cox will let you know whether you have a viable claim.

What is Negligence?

Missouri law requires people to use “ordinary care,” unless operating a motor vehicle where the standard becomes the “highest degree of care.” When someone fails to act with the requisite degree of care, this is negligence.

Do I have a Personal Injury Case?

In general, you must prove at least two things in order to recover in a personal injury case: you were injured and that the defendant negligently caused these injuries. Even if you have a valid claim, Mr. Cox will have to investigate whether you will be able to collect on your claim. If the other party does not have insurance and does not have other collectible assets, you may be out of luck.

How Much is my Personal Injury Case Worth?

Many factors affect the value of your personal injury claim. These factors include the nature and extent of your injuries; the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, property damage and other financial losses; pain and suffering; and present and future disability. Even when those factors are considered, there can be significant variations in the value of a claim based on the amount of insurance available or the assets of the defendant, any comparative fault, and more. 

Unfortunately, there is no mathematical formula that computes the value of your case. However, when your damages become reasonably certain, Mr. Cox will discuss potential values with you.