Our Practice Areas

Injuries can happen in many different ways, often due to the negligence of others. At Ryan R. Cox & Associates, LLC, our firm handles a wide range of injury-related cases to best serve the greater St. Louis and St. Charles areas.

No matter how your injury happened, we can assess your situation at no cost and advise whether you have a potential case for compensation.

Vehicle Accidents

Whether you are in a high-speed semi-truck collision on I-70 or get hit from the rear at a stop sign in a residential area, injuries and losses can result. Always seek a legal consultation after any type of crash – no matter how minor your injuries might seem. Our firm regularly represents victims of:

Personal Injury

There are many other causes of accidental injuries that do not involve motor vehicles. Our legal team is also prepared to handle any of the following cases:

Workers’ Compensation

Workers suffer injuries daily in the St. Louis Metro area, and injuries are possible in any industry. The workers’ comp system should provide benefits for injured workers, but the claim process can be complicated.

Our seasoned attorneys understand the intricacies of Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws and have a proven track record in securing fair benefits and settlements for injured workers. We assist in filing the claim, ensuring all necessary documentation is complete and accurate. We also negotiate with insurance companies to maximize benefits. In cases of disputes or denied claims, our team provides aggressive representation in hearings and appeals.

With a deep commitment to our clients’ well-being, we strive to alleviate the stress of navigating the workers’ comp process, allowing you to focus on recovery. Contact us today for dedicated legal support.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes, accident victims succumb to their injuries, leaving devastated family members to deal with the aftermath. Our legal team is dedicated to representing grieving families with compassion and tenacity.

We understand the profound loss and emotional distress caused by a wrongful death. With a deep knowledge of Missouri’s legal framework, we work tirelessly to seek justice and compensation for your family. We handle all aspects of the legal process, from gathering evidence to negotiating with responsible parties or their insurers.

Our goal is to hold those accountable for their actions and secure a settlement that eases financial burdens and provides closure. In this difficult time, let us be your advocates for justice. Contact us today.

Consult With Our St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

Missouri has strict time limits if you need to file an injury lawsuit, so time is of the essence. Never delay in seeking a consultation with Ryan R. Cox & Associates. Case evaluations are always free with no obligation for you. Contact us today for the support you need.