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If you have been injured because of the actions (or inactions) of someone else, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. Taking some time to understand more about what makes a personal injury case (negligence) and how we can help you regardless of what type of injury you have sustained is a great place to start.

What Is Negligence?

Negligence, the basis of personal injury cases, can come in various forms at the hands of various parties. Essentially, negligence is defined as failing to act with the level of care that a reasonable person would have applied in the same situation.

When negligence causes harm, the targets or victims of that harm may be able to sue the negligent parties to recover compensation for their injuries and damages.

Some common examples of negligence include:

  • In auto accidents – drunk driving and distracted driving
  • In premises liability accidents – failing to maintain safe walkways
  • In catastrophic injury cases – failing to warn people of the risks or hazards associated with certain products or premises

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

There are many types of personal injury cases that we have helped our clients with over the years. If you believe you have been injured due to the negligence of others, we are here to fight for you. The following types of cases are listed to give you an idea of what types of cases we handle; however, even if you have a different type of injury not listed below, we are happy to represent you throughout your case.

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