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A few days ago, you sustained an injury in a workplace accident. Your employer has workers’ compensation, but you learn you must undergo an independent medical exam.

The IME Care Center explains IMEs and how they work. Prepare for the examination to protect your right to fair compensation.

Defining an IME

During an IME, an independent, third-party physician or another medical services provider evaluates your condition to make a professional assessment. Your employer may require you to undergo an IME if a conflict exists regarding the severity of your injury or how you hurt yourself. Getting all parties in agreement represents the primary focus of such exams.

Preparing for an IME

Before your IME, understand that you should not expect the standard right to confidentiality with the third-party examiner as you have with your regular physician. That means that anything you say to the independent examiner may get back to your employer or its workers’ comp insurance provider.

Get everything in order before your exam date. That means reviewing the events that led to your injury, noting injuries or health conditions you had before your workplace accident and whether you received medical care or took medication to treat your on-the-job injury.

During your exam, give full, honest answers. “Fudging” the truth or outright lying may jeopardize your claim and your right to compensation. Try not to take offense to any questions the medical professional asks, as she or he only wants to understand what happened. If you think you may become nervous during the examination, rehearse your responses to common medical questions with a friend or family member beforehand.

An IME could become vital for your work injury case. Understanding how the exam works could help calm your nerves.