Missouri workers like you do your job every day and perform to the best of your abilities. Your workplace likely aids in this by reducing the amount of risks you face while working.

Unfortunately, not every risk is easy to eliminate. Some are inherent in the very job you do, and they can lead to big issues like repetitive strain injuries.

What causes RSIs?

Healthline discusses the impact of repetitive strain injuries. Known as RSIs, these injuries impact workers across the world on big and small levels. What is an RSI? It is an injury resulting from repetitive motion. RSIs often impact athletes as well, due to their repeated use of the same body parts in their sports.

RSIs are a big issue among workers in every industry. After all, any repetitive motion can cause RSIs. Some examples of repetitive motion that you may do at your own job include:

  • Working in an assembly line
  • Typing or using a computer mouse
  • Answering the phone
  • Scanning items at a register
  • Grasping tools

What dictates the severity of an RSI?

If your job involves you doing the same tasks over and over every day, you are at risk for an RSI. The severity of your RSI ties to the tasks you do. It also ties to how many breaks you can take throughout the day. Many RSI sufferers state that they rarely got the chance to rest their arms, wrists or legs.

If you notice symptoms of an RSI, it is best to act early. Waiting to treat an RSI can worsen it. Trying to “work through” the pain of a developing RSI almost guarantees that the injury will not heal.