Warmer weather usually makes for more ideal motorcycle riding conditions. As much as you are eager to ride more frequently, reviewing safety tips ahead of your ride can help prevent accidents.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, between 2005 and 2014, an average of nearly 91 people have died each year in Missouri motorcycle crashes. The reality is bikers are far less shielded than those in other vehicles. As such, you should follow a unique set of safety measures to protect yourself to your best ability.

Check your bike

Usually the first part of a driver’s license test is running through a pre-drive checklist of many crucial features, like lights, horn, brake functions and turn signals. The same concept is applicable ahead of each motorcycle ride.

If you’re bringing your bike out of winter storage, this maintenance check should be even more thorough. Fluid levels and battery life can decrease during long-term storage, so filling up on fuel and oil and charging your battery might be needed. And as you check tires, belts and chains, note and address any wear and tear.

Look the part

You don’t have to change your whole style when it comes to safe riding attire, but some of the slightest changes can make a world of difference. In a controlled study published in BMJ, the results showed that riders who wore reflective or bright clothing had a 37% lower risk of crashing. Also, those who wore a white helmet over a black one lowered their crash risk by 24%.

Just a splash of color in your riding clothing or adding some reflective tape on your helmet can help you become more visible to drivers. And incorporating protective gloves and padding to your riding ensemble can help reduce injuries if you do fall victim to a crash.

Follow the law

Abiding by the rules of the road should go without saying, but it’s especially important when it comes to protecting your right-of-way as a motorcyclist. This is because, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, non-motorcycle drivers usually violate the motorcycle driver’s right-of-way when the two collide. Taking the time to not only make full stops at red lights or stop signs, but also double and triple checking when it’s your turn to go, can be a life-saving measures. And just like other vehicles on the road, speeding or driving under the influence are both prohibited and recipes for accidents.

Sadly, some the safest drivers still end up crashing. Suffering from a motorcycle accident could strip you from time and money, but working with a personal injury attorney can help alleviate the stress of the situation.