In 2010, Mr. Cox secured one of the highest dog bite recoveries in Missouri history for a man bit on the arm by a pit bull mix. Research conducted by Mr. Cox, the St. Peters Police Department and St. Charles County Animal Control revealed that at the time of the attack, the dog’s owner was in violation of at least four St. Peters city ordinances, including sections 205.020 (failure to provide adequate food, shelter and protection), 205.120 (dog loose on owner’s property without sufficient restraint), 205.130 (habitual barking/nuisance) and 205.300 (biting). Despite no proof of the dog exhibiting any vicious or dangerous propensities prior to the attack, which had been required at the time in order to recover under a strict liability claim, Mr. Cox was able to prove his client’s case through theories of negligence per se and premises liability. For more on these novel theories of recovery, please click here.