Mr. Cox orchestrated one of the top settlements in the state in 2007 for a former MODOT worker who aggravated a series of back injuries when the maintenance vehicle she was operating was struck by a negligent driver. The case presented numerous challenges, due mainly to Mr. Cox’s client sustaining three prior work-related back injuries in the years prior to the collision, the latest of which had occurred just six months prior to the latest accident. Mr. Cox’s client was still undergoing physical therapy for her last work injury when her vehicle was hit by the negligent driver. In pursuing the case, Mr. Cox emphasized that his client had experienced severe “bone to bone grinding” pain in her lower back as soon as she exited her vehicle. Mr. Cox was quoted by Missouri Lawyer’s Weekly, stating, “on cases with prior injuries to the same body part, it is critical to emphasize the difference in the client’s pain and activity levels following further trauma to the same body part.” This case was featured by Missouri Lawyer’s Weekly.