In 2006, Mr. Cox represented the sole survivor of a tragic collision in a construction zone. The driver of the vehicle in which Mr. Cox’s client was a passenger ran a stop sign and possessed limited insurance coverage for the accident. Despite the inability to question the driver as to why she drove through the intersection without stopping due to her death in the collision, Mr. Cox argued that the construction company overseeing the construction project at the intersection had not installed a forty-eight (48) inch stop sign as required by the Missouri Highway Transportation Commission. Testimony of various MHTC employees as well as photographs of the intersection taken shortly after the accident revealed a smaller 36 inch stop sign that was much more difficult for approaching traffic to see. Despite the legal and factual challenges involved, Mr. Cox was able to help broker a global settlement of $2.2 million in the case. This case was recognized as one of the top settlements in the state in 2006 by Missouri Lawyer’s Weekly.