In 2010, Mr. Cox secured $175,000 for a housekeeper who injured her knee after she tripped over some shoes that had been placed inside the entryway to a residence she had been cleaning for over 15 years. The homeowners vigorously denied liability, arguing that anyone who entered the house was required to remove his or her shoes and place them on the carpet in front of the door. She also testified that the housekeeper made it a habit to pick up the shoes after entering the residence and line them up by the front door. Given her prior knowledge of the shoes, the homeowner argued, she could have avoided them. The housekeeper testified that while she did know that the shoes were “always there” inside the front door, she had complained to the homeowner and her daughter on numerous occasions to move the shoes because they presented a hazard.

Despite significant issues with comparative fault, Mr. Cox was able to secure $175,000 for his client.