In 2009, Mr. Cox’s client tripped over a pallet at work causing her to fall and land directly onto a concrete floor on her right knee. Immediately after the fall, she had shooting pain in the knee along with swelling and bruising. After reporting the injury to her lead supervisor, she continued to work with pain and completed her work shift. Despite continued pain in the knee, she continued to work full time and did not request medical treatment from her employer until the following month. After initially providing some treatment for her knee, the claimant’s employer denied her claim, arguing that additional treatment for her knee was due to degeneration of her knee cartilage, unrelated to her work injury. After years of treatment, the claimant eventually had to have a knee replacement. Mr. Cox tried the case and his client was later awarded full compensation for her work injury, along with medical expenses and other benefits. Continued aggressive pursuit of her claim led to a $200,000 settlement. If the employer had not denied her claim and had provided appropriate medical care, the employer likely would have only had to pay the claimant roughly $30,000.