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The impact of a motorcycle accident can go beyond your immediate injuries, affecting your financial and emotional well-being as well. You can seek compensation for this harm in addition to your medical bills and property damage. Here are the types of compensation you could demand from the responsible party by filing a claim after a motorcycle accident:

  • Medical Expenses: This includes all the costs for medical treatment you’ve received because of the motorcycle accident. It covers everything from emergency room visits and hospital stays to surgeries, medications, and physical therapy. Essentially, if you spent money on medical care due to injuries from the accident, it’s a compensable medical expense.
  • Projected Future Medical Costs: Sometimes, injuries from a motorcycle accident can require ongoing medical care. This category covers future medical expenses, like follow-up surgeries, long-term medications, or ongoing physical therapy. If your doctor predicts you’ll need future medical treatments for your injuries, these projected costs can also be part of your claim.
  • Lost Income: If your injuries stopped you from working, you can seek compensation for any income you lost as a result. This includes wages or salaries you would have earned during the time you were unable to work because of your accident-related injuries.
  • Lost Future Earning Potential: This comes into play if your injuries affect your ability to earn money in the future. If you can’t return to your previous job or work in the same capacity because of your injuries, you could claim compensation for this loss in future earning potential.
  • Pain and Suffering: This is about the physical pain and emotional distress you’ve endured because of the accident. Pain and suffering include physical discomfort, anxiety, stress, and the overall negative impact on your daily life following the accident.
  • Lost Quality of Life: This refers to the impact the accident has on your ability to enjoy life. If your injuries prevent you from engaging in hobbies, sports, or social activities you once enjoyed, or if they cause lasting impairments, you can claim compensation for this loss.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Maximize Your Payout

No matter what types of losses you incurred due to the motorcycle accident, a personal injury lawyer can greatly increase your chances of receiving the full payout you deserve. They understand the legal system and know how to navigate through complex insurance laws and regulations.

They can gather crucial evidence, like accident reports and medical records, to build a strong case. They work with reconstruction experts who can build compelling accounts of an accident and show what happened and why. At the same time as they build that side of your case, your lawyer can accurately calculate your total losses, including future expenses and non-economic costs like pain and suffering. That way, they have a figure to ask for and the evidence to back up that demand.

Lawyers are skilled negotiators who can effectively argue your case with insurance companies, preventing you from settling for less than you deserve. If needed, they’re also prepared to take your case to court to fight for your rights at trial. By handling all legal aspects of your case, your lawyer allows you to focus on your recovery, providing peace of mind and a better chance at obtaining full compensation.

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