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One of the most frustrating varieties of automobile accidents is the hit-and-run. Even if the accident is relatively minor in nature, watching the other person drive away is infuriating.

However, there are certain things you absolutely should do and must not do in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident. The main things to keep in mind is that you must stay at the scene and talk to any eyewitnesses that are present.

Practicing restraint

It will be very tempting for you to drive off after the other person, particularly if the accident was along the lines of a fender bender and your car is still in good condition. However, driving away from the scene of an accident is a literal crime. Do not do this.

Instead, call 911 if anybody in the immediate vicinity requires medical assistance. If not, follow the regular steps for any other accident. Make sure that you move your car out of traffic if necessary, and call the police non-emergency number to make a report. Document the scene of the accident as well as you can, and take pictures if you have a device that allows you to do so.

Enlisting eyewitness help

Eyewitnesses are very valuable in hit-and-run accidents. Remember that the majority of people have devices with them all the time that allow them to take photo and video footage. It is very possible that an eyewitness saw what was going on and either took a video or photo of the other driver. Particularly if an eyewitness was able to get a picture of the individual or his or her license plate, this will make it much easier for the police to locate the culprit.