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In any car crash with serious injuries or property damage, the issue of fault is often disputed. This makes sense — when a lot of money is at stake, insurance companies and individuals simply don’t want the financial hit. When there are multiple vehicles involved and numerous components to a wreck, insurance companies will typically look for every opportunity available to cast doubt if their policyholder appears to be at fault. While adjusters and other insurance professionals always conduct an interview to ascertain how much money the company will offer the victims, it is often necessary for victims — and their legal team — to conduct their own investigations. 

Ryan R. Cox & Associates routinely handles complex vehicle collision cases involving large commercial vehicles in Missouri. If your vehicle is struck by a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, you can bet that the company involved will have a robust legal team on call. The sooner you call a firm like ours, the sooner you can have an experienced firm working on your case and gathering professionals to help with the post-crash investigation. 

The first thing your attorney can do is send preservation notices to all involved parties. This covers things like dash cameras, electronic data, and pre-crash vehicle inspections. While taking pictures of the scene and interviewing potential witnesses are two things you can do immediately after the collision, there are many pieces of evidence that your attorney will know how to gather. 

Accident Reconstructionists

An important role in post-crash investigations is the accident reconstruction team. After the relevant information and evidence have been gathered by your attorney, he or she can hire accident reconstructionists to recreate the scene and determine what actually happened. These professionals have advanced knowledge of physics and engineering and will take every minute detail, like skid marks on the road, into account when running simulations of the collision. 

Insurance Companies Deal in Probabilities

The bottom line for insurance companies is just that–their bottom line. The less these providers pay out in claims, the more money they bring in. After an insurance adjuster has investigated a claim and made a recommendation, the insurance company will generally offer the lowest amount to make the claim go away. If the adjuster feels like the costs of taking a claim to court are worth not paying out in the first place, that’s what the company will do. When the accident is catastrophic and the monetary stakes are high, you need to make sure you have the facts on your side. The more evidence you have in your favor, the better the chances of getting the damages you deserve. 

Ryan R. Cox & Associates has connections to some of the best experts in post-collision investigations. If that’s what your case needs to succeed, that’s what we’ll do. To get a head start on obtaining justice in your personal injury case, contact our firm today. We employ ​​zealous and compassionate representation for injury victims and their families.