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If you work in an especially dangerous field or you recently lost a loved one due to a workplace accident, it is vital to understand the consequences of work-related fatalities. From leaving your loved ones behind with significant financial hardships to handling the emotional pain associated with losing a family member, these accidents lead to many different challenges for families.

Unfortunately, many workers lose their lives across the state of Missouri, and these deadly accidents occur in various ways.

How prevalent are fatal workplace accidents in Missouri?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 100 people lost their lives in workplace accidents over the course of 2019 in Missouri. More workers died due to transportation-related accidents than any other type of accident, but fatal workplace accidents occurred for other reasons as well. For example, 18 workers died due to violence involving other people or animals, 16 lost their lives due to slipping or falling and 14 died as a result of exposure to a toxic environment or substance. Almost all of these fatalities occurred in the private sector, but a few government workers lost their lives also.

How can families recover from a deadly workplace accident?

If your loved one died while working, you need to look into the resources that could help your family move forward. Nothing can make up for the lasting emotional pain associated with these accidents, but workers’ compensation offers death benefits to some families who face financial difficulties. It is important to go over your individual circumstances and determine the best path forward.