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As someone who earns your living working on a Missouri construction site, you may feel well-versed in the risks and hazards associated with your line of work. Construction work places you at high risk of an injury or work-related fatality, and one of the biggest risks you face is that of falling. 

According to Safety & Health, falls have plagued the construction industry for generations and have become the leading cause of construction-related deaths. In 2016, there were 991 reported deaths in construction. Of those 991 fatalities, 370 involved construction workers dying after falling to a lower level. 

Common causes of construction site falls

Many fall-related deaths in construction result from similar circumstances. Often, a lack of fall protection is to blame. When working from heights, you and others on the job site should use personal fall arrest systems, which help keep you secure when you might otherwise fall. 

Ladder falls are also a common cause of injury and fatality in construction. When workers place ladders on uneven surfaces, falls may result. The same holds true when workers use the wrong type of ladder, or a ladder of the wrong height, for a particular job. 

Ways to help prevent construction site falls

Make sure to always rely on personal fall arrest systems anytime you perform construction work more than 6 feet off the ground. Make sure, too, to always use fall protection as intended. 

Many construction deaths are preventable. Much of the responsibility of keeping you safe on the construction site also falls on your employer. It is critical that your employer train workers about the dangers of construction site falls and the protocols the company has in place to prevent them.