The Current (And Future) Laws Surrounding Trucking Accidents

Given that self-driving trucks are now a reality, it is important to examine the current state of Missouri's laws and regulations regarding truck accidents - as well as where they may be in a few years. We will also examine what impact this may have on the trucking industry. The rules and regulations governing commercial truck drivers in the state of Missouri are relatively strict. These regulations are designed to Read More

Good Samaritan Laws Likely Aren’t What You Think

You’re likely familiar with good Samaritan laws, or the idea that if you attempt to help a person in serious distress, you’ll be protected from potential legal liability. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception - in fact, good Samaritan laws in Missouri don’t apply to a large majority of citizens. The law is instead designed to target cases where rendering assistance to those in need could come with potential Read More

Missouri Considers Full Ban on Texting While Driving

Missouri is currently one of only two states which permits citizens over 21 years of age to text while driving - an issue that has become unfortunately pertinent as Missouri faces an increasing number of deaths in traffic accidents. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, over two thousand crashes in 2021 involved a driver distracted by their cell phone. Hopefully, legislation that has been proposed Read More

Be Careful With Your Cleaning Chemicals!

Now that the weather is warmer and you’re ready for some spring cleaning, it’s time to break out your favorite array of cleaners to tackle all the built-up mess from the past year. While that particular drain may be causing you trouble, don’t overdo things - mixing chemical cleaners, or even overuse of a single cleaning product can result in some dangerous situations. Be sure to avoid mixing any cleaners, and always Read More

It’s Motorcycle Season – Make Sure You Know Missouri Helmet Laws

Many of those who love to hit the road and feel the exhilaration that only a motorcycle can bring choose to do so without a helmet. While the decision of whether or not to wear a helmet comes down to the rider, it’s important to remember the legality of doing so. Otherwise, you may find yourself pulled over instead of enjoying the feel of the wind in your hair.  Some Riders Must Still Wear a Helmet Prior to 2020, Read More

What Constitutes an Unsafe Work Environment?

  If you’re an employee of any private company in Missouri, you are granted legal protections from unsafe work environments by both the Missouri Department of Labor and the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). When employers don’t follow the requirements laid out by both of these organizations, they may pose a significant risk to the safety of their employees. After suffering an injury Read More

Beware of the Assumption of Risk

Those of us who are thrill-seekers are likely aware of some of the hazards involved in our favorite activities, whether that be skydiving, snowboarding, or anything else that gets your heart racing. Being aware of the dangers you face while enjoying yourself is important to staying safe and having fun, but that knowledge could be used against you in a personal injury case. Negligent actors may argue that your Read More

Slip and Falls Due to Snow and Ice: When Do I Have a Case?

If you have ever sustained an injury due to slipping and falling on snow or ice, you’re likely wondering whether you have legal recourse. Unfortunately, slip and fall claims are not always clear cut, so it’s important to consider a number of issues to determine if you have a viable case.  Your status under the law Any slip and fall case begins with establishing your classification under the law, as such will Read More

Civil Vs. Criminal Liability In A Personal Injury Case

Imagine that you are riding in a limousine through the countryside outside St. Louis, en route to a loved one’s wedding. Suddenly, your driver realizes he is about to miss the turn leading to your destination. When he hits the brakes, he loses control of the limo and crashes into a tree. Both you and the driver are injured. Two friends who happened to be sharing the ride with you are killed. When a police Read More

Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Liability

While the concept of self-driving cars once felt like something out of the future, it is now something of the present. Self-driving cars exist and are in use today, and it seems that their place in the market is only going to increase. Tesla has begun adding a self-driving program to their cars, while Toyota showed off their own prototype vehicle in 2020, and Honda began commercially selling their self-driving car in Read More


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