Common types of injuries people suffer in ATV accidents

There are many reasons that people have and use ATVs in Missouri. Many people use them for work on farms and in other types of industries. Many also use them for play and use them for recreational purposes. They can be a very effective way to do various tasks and a fun way to spend a day off, but they need to be driven and ridden correctly because when they are involved in ATV accidents, people can suffer significant Read More

Construction workers may have options beyond work comp

Construction workers who live and work in the greater Saint Louis area know that they are risking their lives and health each day they go on the job. Work sites of any sort are dangerous, and construction workers are prone to injuries from falls, heavy equipment, collapses or falling objects, dangerous machinery and other hazards. Traffic-related accidents are also a common hazard. Many of these workers are Read More

Common types of construction site injuries workers may suffer

Unfortunately, the construction industry can be a dangerous industry for its workers. There are a variety of ways construction workers may be injured on job sites which is why it is essential for them to be familiar with the legal help and resources that may be available to them when they have been injured on the job. Common types of construction injuries include falls. Falls are, in fact, the most common type of Read More

Missouri crane accident leaves one person dead

An accident at a military installation in Missouri left one person dead and another person with injuries that authorities described as minor. Officials said that both of the victims worked for the Department of Army in a civilian capacity. The accident happened in the middle of the day, and rescuers managed to arrive at the scene within minutes. Both victims were taken to a hospital affiliated with the military Read More

Risk of motorcycle accidents sparks statewide safety campaign

Throughout Missouri, motorcyclists are a common sight on the road. Riders eagerly await the warm weather so they can enjoy the air, open spaces and freedom that accompanies riding a motorcycle. While most drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks will respect motorcyclists, giving them room so everyone can be safe, there is a looming danger for riders. Motorcycle accidents can happen with a disturbing suddenness and Read More

Is it a good idea to settle an auto accident claim?

A car accident can drastically change the course of a Missouri resident’s life. A victim of a collision may be unable to work due to their injuries and may also be in significant pain from the harm they endured. They may be tempted to do whatever they can to speed the process of getting financial compensation for their losses so that they can quickly get back to their pre-accident life. Doing so many involve Read More

Missouri workers’ compensation rights

Injured workers in Missouri may be compensated for their injuries in most cases. The state’s workers’ compensation law sets forth rights for injured workers. An employer with at least five employees and all construction businesses must have workers’ compensation insurance. Businesses may self-insure under certain circumstances. Any worker injured at work must notify their supervisor within 30 days. Notification of Read More

Benefits for workers who suffer a construction site injury

Workers are often injured on construction sites or are diagnosed with a disease related to their work. To address the financial needs that arise due to such incidents, the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations offers certain monetary benefits under its Workers’ Compensation program. Therefore, the very first step that affected workers and families need to take after a construction site injury or the Read More

Use of helmets and motorcycle accident personal injury claims

Helmets, as many people in St. Charles may agree, are one of the best protection equipment for a motorcyclist. After all, it is one of the most foolproof ways of protecting a motorcyclist from serious injuries in the event of an accident. It is for this reason that helmets are recommended by experts to all motorcyclists, and Missouri made helmets mandatory for all motorcycle riders many years back, in Read More

Coping with the loss of a loved one in a car crash

It is never easy to deal with the loss of a loved one to an event that was unforeseen and unwarranted, and especially if it was because of the negligence on someone else’s part in a car accident. Matters tend to be worse of that loved was the family’s breadwinner. In such cases, the emotional losses are compounded by financial losses that often leave the survivors grappling to bring their lives back on track. In Read More


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