Motorcyclists — Stay Vigilant and Safe

We’re just now getting into peak motorcycle season in Missouri. Last year was busy for many motorcyclists, who were looking for fun and socially distanced activities. Getting outside is always a bonus, as well.  Missouri has thousands of miles of open road for riders to enjoy, but it’s worth making sure you’re ready to safely hit the road. Besides taking your bike in for regular inspections, you need to make Read More

Missouri Drivers Must Carry a Minimum Amount of Auto Insurance Coverage

As you are probably aware, licensed drivers in Missouri are required to have car insurance. If you have ever been pulled over for speeding, rolling through a stop sign, or some other minor traffic infraction, the officer who pulled you over asked to see proof of insurance.  It might have been a while since you purchased your auto insurance policy, or you might remember going with the least expensive option. Read More

What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Those who are dealing with workers’ compensation cases in Missouri should be aware of the point in the process known as “maximum medical improvement (MMI).” Your treating physician will be able to determine when you have reached MMI. Once you have reached MMI, your doctor has made the reasonable determination that your physical condition is not likely to improve. This blog will explain the significance of MMI and Read More

What is an independent medical exam?

A few days ago, you sustained an injury in a workplace accident. Your employer has workers' compensation, but you learn you must undergo an independent medical exam. The IME Care Center explains IMEs and how they work. Prepare for the examination to protect your right to fair compensation. Defining an IME During an IME, an independent, third-party physician or another medical services provider evaluates your Read More

Fatal workplace accidents in Missouri

If you work in an especially dangerous field or you recently lost a loved one due to a workplace accident, it is vital to understand the consequences of work-related fatalities. From leaving your loved ones behind with significant financial hardships to handling the emotional pain associated with losing a family member, these accidents lead to many different challenges for families. Unfortunately, many workers lose Read More

What is the minimum car insurance required in Missouri?

Car insurance protects you and other drivers on the road. It covers damage to vehicles, medical costs for injuries, and can even cover you in an accident with a motorist who lacks sufficient coverage. Because auto insurance is so crucial, most states require drivers to carry a minimum of insurance. The Missouri Department of Revenue explains minimum coverage requirements in the state, so you remain in full Read More

Biden Administration Upping Trucking Insurance Minimums?

Policy changes regarding transportation and the trucking industry have historically been more subdued and garnered far less attention than other areas of policy (like immigration, taxes, and healthcare). In 2020, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would have increased the required minimum amount of insurance coverage for large commercial trucking companies. The Senate put that bill out to pasture, but Read More

Falls a leading cause of injury, death among construction workers

As someone who earns your living working on a Missouri construction site, you may feel well-versed in the risks and hazards associated with your line of work. Construction work places you at high risk of an injury or work-related fatality, and one of the biggest risks you face is that of falling.  According to Safety & Health, falls have plagued the construction industry for generations and have become Read More

How do I handle a hit-and-run?

One of the most frustrating varieties of automobile accidents is the hit-and-run. Even if the accident is relatively minor in nature, watching the other person drive away is infuriating. However, there are certain things you absolutely should do and must not do in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident. The main things to keep in mind is that you must stay at the scene and talk to any eyewitnesses that are Read More

Deaths caused by red-light runners reach a 10-year high

Communities across Missouri rely on traffic lights to control the flow of traffic and prevent car wrecks. Yet, research shows that signaled intersections are often highly dangerous to navigate. Your chances of dying in a crash caused by a red-light runner is increasing, with the number of deaths arising from these circumstances recently reaching a 10-year high. According to NPR, 939 people died across the nation as Read More


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