What does workers’ compensation not cover?

A co-worker's recent on-the-clock accident made you realize that you do not know much about your Missouri employer's worker's compensation program. For instance, are there accidents that do not qualify for compensation? Insurance Business explores the matter. Understand when you may have to seek injury compensation elsewhere other than your employer. Hijinks Injuries resulting from employees engaging in horseplay do Read More

How to stay safe on an ATV

While all-terrain vehicles can be fun to ride, they are not toys. ATV accidents can result in serious injuries and are responsible for hundreds of deaths in Missouri alone. Over the course of a single holiday weekend, ATVs may be responsible for nearly 3,000 trips to the emergency room.  To prevent injuries while riding your ATV, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends hands-on training to learn how to Read More

Survival action vs. wrongful death

It may be common knowledge among many in Missouri that one can indeed seek legal action when a family member or friend dies due to another's negligence. Yet pursuing a wrongful death claim can be a complex process, with a number of unanticipated issues arising along the way. Chief among these is often the question of what exactly can a plaintiff seek in damages in such an action. To understand the answer, one must Read More

What to do if you feel back pain after a car accident

Many injuries are possible during vehicle collisions, but back pain is one of the most commonly sustained ones. Even minor back pain can make it difficult to do small daily tasks. After getting in a car accident, make sure you seek medical attention. If your back pain persists, there are a few things you can do to make your daily life easier. Visit the doctor Even if your pain is mild, you need to go to the doctor. Read More

Visual impairment and car crashes

Motor vehicle accidents happen for countless reasons, such as inclement weather, the use of alcohol or drugs behind the wheel, distracted driving and fatigue. However, some accidents occur because a driver is impaired as a result of problems with their vision. If you were hit by a driver who could not see the road properly because of visual impairment, you need to carefully review your options and take this issue Read More

Accidents caused by distractions may qualify for workers’ comp

Workers’ compensation claims do not require Missouri employees to prove the cause of an accident. If a distraction results in an injury, an employee may file for workers’ comp benefits if it occurred while on-the-job. As reported by EHS Today, a study conducted by Screen Education revealed that employees spend an average of 2.5 hours accessing digital content during each work shift. According to the study, 14% of Read More

Can I access structured settlement funds early?

Part of your personal injury attorney's job would probably be getting you the type of payment you need. This would be in addition to securing the compensation total that you need.  This is an important distinction. Part of making you whole again after a car accident or other injury is getting access to the funds when necessary — for both current and future needs. To this end, you might get a one-time lump sum along Read More

Statistics on speed and motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle collisions occur for a host of reasons and there are a lot of factors that require examination, from weather conditions to the use of alcohol and distracted driving. However, speed plays a role in many motorcycle collisions, whether someone driving a passenger vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed or a motorcyclist reaches dangerous speeds and loses control.  Aside from increasing the odds of an Read More

Seven vehicles involved in serious accident in Missouri

Although most people in Missouri are used to seeing minor accidents on the side of the road from time to time, seeing a major accident can be a jarring experience. For those involved, the consequences could be life-altering. According to reports, that could be the case for those involved in a serious car accident that occurred recently in Monroe County. The reports indicate that the accident in question occurred on Read More

Pursuing damages after a detrimental bicycle accident

When the weather is warm and daylight lasts well into the evening, some St. Louis residents may choose to use their bicycles for their daily commutes. Instead of getting caught in busy highway traffic, bike riders can maneuver through city streets and avoid the backups that often plague the city’s rush hour. Bicycles provide a healthy outlet for individuals who want to get some exercise while getting to where they Read More


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