4 Tactics Auto Insurance Companies Use to Erode Claims

Your auto insurance company is not your friend. Sure, you’ve been paying your premiums in full, on time, for years. You have a good rapport with your agent and the support staff. Things are going well, mainly because you haven’t had any major claims to file. 

One day, your car gets T-boned on the highway. Your car is totaled, and there are injuries. Fortunately, the at-fault driver has insurance—the same insurance company you use, in fact—and you assume the claim disposition will be smooth sailing. That is, unfortunately, far from guaranteed. Insurance companies often use myriad tactics to minimize claims; we take a look at four of them below. 

1. Calling you immediately after the wreck. Car accident victims are usually all out of sorts after the accident—mentally, if not physically, too. Insurance companies know this and are, too often, eager to exploit this situation. If your world was just turned upside down from a significant car wreck, you’re in no condition to speak with the insurance company. Simply hearing a friendly and calming voice on the phone can lead to your conceding things that won’t help your claim. It’s also worth waiting to speak so the full extent of your injuries may be revealed. 

2. Proposing a lowball offer. Insurance companies know that claimants don’t always have the luxury of holding out for a better settlement. So, they often propose a mere pittance to simply make the potential claim go away. Giving victims a little something is preferable to months or years of negotiating with policyholders—especially if the claim could be worth a large amount of money. 

3. Creating an artificial sense of urgency. Auto insurance companies often make policyholders think they have a limited amount of time to accept their proposed settlement. When you’re speaking with the insurance company after a wreck, you might feel pressured to “take it or leave it.” In fact, creating a false sense of urgency is a tried-and-true marketing tactic that auto insurance companies have adopted. Don’t fall for it.

4. Wrongly denying you coverage based on the law or policy text. This happens more often than many policyholders would like to think. Even if you think a claim is pretty straightforward, you can bet the insurance company’s in-house counsel, adjusters, and other representatives will pore over your policy to find any loopholes. Insurance companies deny claims all the time, but that doesn’t mean your denial is right or lawful.

Your most powerful firewall against unfair treatment by an insurance company after a serious car wreck is an experienced and aggressive lawyer. Attorney Ryan R. Cox and the rest of the team have dealt with every insurance trick there is. That hasn’t stopped us from getting our clients the money they need and deserve. To discuss your options with our caring team, please fill out a form on our website or call us at (636) 946-6886 today.

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